ANF continues combing operation in Subramanya

The Anti Naxal Force has continued the combing operation in Maoists affected areas even on Friday. The ANF team which was combing in Gundya, Kombaru, Subrahmanya, Cheru, Kulkunda areas during last eight days, has now intensified operations in Bisile forest. It could be noted that ANF Commander Alok Kumar had visited Bisile surroundings two months ago suspecting that the Maoists would visit the region as it is located on the border of Dakshina Kannada and Hassan and the recent confrontation between the Maoists and ANF has only proved it true. With the Maoists and ANF activities in the region, the residents of Gundya and Subrahmanya have left their houses. A few of them have taken shelter in the lodges in Subrahmanya, leaving behind domestic animals at their homes. The school going children are now scared to go to their schools fearing Maoists. The families are hesitant to stay in these isolated houses amidst forest, as night sets in. If the men of the house go out for shops in the evening, the women and children too accompany them fearing to stay at home. It is also observed that the travelers are unwilling to travel on Subrahmanya-Gundya road that passes through the reserved forest after 9 pm. Speaking to Deccan Herald, an ANF personnel said that they have intensified the combing operation this time, never like before. “Subrahmanya was such a peaceful town earlier. But the Maoist activity has spoilt the peace in this region. Looking at this situation, we have determined to put an end to this by catching hold of them. Earlier, the ANF used to do combing operations for about two kilo meters area inside the forest, whereas now we are moving upto 15 kms. We are counter fighting by ignoring all kinds of threats,” he said. Describing the Maoists encounter on Tuesday, he said that they confronted Maoists who were at 30-40 meters distance. When the Maoists opened fire at us, we fired back again and we were quite sure that one Maoist must have injured. But it was only the next day morning that we realised that a Maoist was dead. We found a tent in 10 km distance with a space to accommodate 15 people. We found, kit bag, lap tops, tiffin box bomb, rice, sambar powder, utensils and fire wood near the tent. The remaining ash in the owen indicated that they might have come to the spot at least four days back, he said.

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