Naxalism on rise in the country: Sushil Kumar Shinde

Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has said that the Maoist cadre in the country were gaining in strength and are displaying their military potential to form new battalions. Shinde was delivering the inaugural address at a three day annual meet here of police directors general and inspectors general from states and central police forces.

Addressing the conference, Shinde stressed that Naxalism continues to pose a significant challenges and there are indicators about increase in the number of trained and armed cadres, reorganization, of military potiential for formation of new battalions.

There is indication that they were displaying potential for the creation of well-developed indigenous capacity for accretions to their arsenal, he added.

Shinde stated that the confidence level of the Maoist is exhibited in their ability to move in larger formations. Holding Jan adalats, obstruct thoroughfares and recover levies, militial cadres are increasingly integreated into the armed forays of Naxal groups.

Although Home Minster assured that government is committed to provide every support required by the state police forces and is being done in a liberal way.

The Central government approach is to deal with the Left wing extremism in a holistic manner in the areas of security, development, good governance and public perception management, he added.

“The central government is committed to deal firmly with Left wing extremism groups indulging in crime and violence. The overall objective being to uphold the law of the land, provide security of life and property and provide a secure environment for development and economic growth,”he added.

It is noted that seven states in the country are experiencing different levels of intensity of this problem. However, nearly 80 percent of Maoist violence is taking place in less than 30 districts and many of these are close to the inter-state boundaries.

(With inputs from IANS)

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