Baidhya warns of armed struggle‚ if peace fails

KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidhya today once again threatened to take up arms if peaceful struggle failed to achieve power.

Defending his move Baidhya went on to say that many struggles aro-und the world succeeded only through armed revolutions and his party was ready to do the same if peaceful means did not prove to be enough to achieve political goals.

Accusing the parties – the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, Unified CPN-Maoist and United Democratic Madhesi Front – of abusing power, Baidhya said his party would organise a round-table conference to expose the their mistakes.

“Only a round table conference can form a national consensus government and frame a new constitution,” he said, adding, “A new constitution can be promulgated through a revived Constituent Ass-embly or there can be fre-sh elections for the CA.”

Baidhya ruled the possibility of unity between his party and the mother party, UCPM-M. He confirmed that his party had ideological affiliation with the Indian Maoists but had no practical relations. The CPN-M made public its 70-point charter of demands which it plans to submit to the Prime Minister on September 10.

It has announced its protest programmes from September 17 to November 25.

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