Yemenis protest botched US drone strikes

ADEN, Yemen – Hundreds of Yemenis including youth activists on Monday rallied in the southeastern province of Hadramout against US drone strikes in the country, demanding the government take actions to halt the killing of civilians in botched air raids, witnesses told Xinhua.

The protesters staged a massive demonstration in Hadramout, chanting slogans and displaying placards of anti-US statements to protest the botched US drone strikes targeting al-Qaida militants, witnesses and local residents said on condition of anonymity.

Four prominent tribal leaders also joined the demonstration, shouting “No for killing innocent people” and “End alliance with the US government,” witnesses added.

On Sunday, a US drone strike against al-Qaida members in central Yemen mistakenly killed at least 13 civilians, a provincial police official said.

“The US drone strike missed its suspected al-Qaida target and mistakenly hit two vehicles in the Yemeni city of Radda in al- Bayda province, killing up to 13 civilians, including two women,” the official told Xinhua by phone.

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