Better guns to battle Naxals, says CRPF Director General

With Naxals using advanced weapons to attack defence forces and strike fear in the hearts of villagers, the CRPF is gearing up with weapon advancements to tackle them, said CRPF Director General K Vijayakumar.

Speaking on the sidelines of the passing-out parade of 664 trainee cadets at the CRPF training centre at Avadi on Friday, Vijayakumar said, “Our men are being trained to use advanced guns and powerful explosives in order to handle the naxalites effectively.

” He also likened the weapon training programme to that of the calibre of the armed forces.

However, the key to putting out a more effective control unit lies in the fact that the current CRPF recruits are very “young and vibrant.

”He said, currently the CRPF contigent has as many as 5,000 youth in their stable across the country, which has brought “renewed energy” to them.

As many as 18,000 cadets were selected to join the CRPF last year alone.

Of them, 6,000 have completed their training at 12 training centres across the country.

“Another 8,000 will pass out by October, so we are looking forward to that as well,” he added.

Vijayakumar commended the action of the CRPF in naxal-infested states like Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and MP and said that they had been working hard to maintain peace and order, “Naxals have a way of striking fear in the heart of the public by attacking public figures and politicians.

We are working hard to stem this problem,” he said.

All the cadets are undergoing an intense forest-survival course to help them acclimatize to rugged conditions better, he added

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