Syrian refugee camp riot leads to injury of 26 Jordanian security men

AMMAN, Aug 28 (KUNA) — Some 26 Jordanian security personnel were injured on Tuesday when chaos erupted in a refugee camp for displaced Syrians.
Around 200 Syrians were protesting what they claimed were low standards at Zaatari camp, and attacked the camp’s coordinators and security personnel with stones during a meeting with them, Jordan’s state news agency quoted the authorities as saying.
Jordanian security forces immediately intervened with “appropriate force and tear gas” to put a stop to the protest which turned into a state of chaos and anarchy.
“Those responsible for the violence will be dealt with according to the law, ” said Jordanian authorities, adding that order has been restored in the camp.
Jordan’s Zaatari camp – the sole camp which accommodates Syrians in the country – provides shelter for around 20,000 refugees, who fled the violence in their neighbouring home country.

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