Andhra Maoists sneak into Chhattisgarh?

Raipur, Aug 29 — A large number of technical and explosive experts among the Maoists in Andhra Pradesh have entered Chhattisgarh with a view to attacking security forces, police sources said.

Bastar Inspector General of Police T.J. Langkumer said security forces had been put on alert in the entire Bastar region.

Langkumer told IANS that several Andhra Pradesh-based Maoists ‘are believed to have sneaked into Bijapur district in Chhattisgarh to execute a major operation here’.

Bijapur Superintendent of Police Prashant Agrawal said the outlawed Communist Party of India-Maoist was also indulging in a psychological war against security forces.

He said they were mining the interiors of the Bastar region, especially roads, often with fake improvised explosive devices (IEDs) filled with soil just to test the nerves of security forces.

On Aug 22, the 85th battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force detected 30 IEDs hidden beneath the Pamalvaya-Cherapal cemented road.

This, officials realized, had been done to create confusion among security forces engaged in anti-Maoist operations.

According to local sources, Maoist guerrillas who are experts in explosives were simultaneously mining the area.

They were also training local cadres on how to plant explosives in rural areas.

The Maoists are opposed to construction of cemented roads in the interiors since these would give the security forces easy access to rural pockets.

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