Activists protest in Sri Lanka against alleged attacks on prisoners

Aug 29, Colombo: Protests have been organized in key areas in Sri Lanka against the alleged attacks on prisoners.

Activists for Human Rights (AHR), an organization affiliated with the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) has organized these protests following the death of two Tamil inmates at the Vavuniya prison and the admission of another Tamil inmate in a coma from the Galle Prison to the Karapitiya Hospital.

AHR says the deaths of the Vavuniya prisoners took place following an attack on them by security forces during a prison riot and that the Galle prisoner had been severely attacked resulting in him falling into a coma.

The AHR in a statement said that protests would be held and signatures would be collected from the public to protest against attacks on the prisoners whom the AHR calls political prisoners.

The AHR organized a protest yesterday in the Galle town where signatures were collected from the public following a demonstration.

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