Security agencies unmoved by Naxal audio-visual propaganda

NAGPUR: The security agencies engaged in anti-Naxal operations seem to be viewing the audio-visual propaganda of Naxals, presently making the rounds in the form of clippings on mobile phones in the red stronghold of Gadchiroli, as nothing different than regular party activities.

The clippings highlight the rebels’ dream to capture power in the country and also see their red flag fluttering atop the Red Fort. But the agencies are not attaching much significance to the propaganda clips and have not even alerted their counterparts in New Delhi.

The clippings, which already reached media houses too, are not considered threatening by senior officials. They claim that the contents are nothing new.

The clippings have dramatic and bold visual graphics showing the Indian map with regions where the reds have established ‘domination’. The series of images culminate in an Indian map in red with the rebels’ symbol at the heart.

The lyrics of the background track in Madia dialect of Central India urges the guerrilla comrades to gather strength to fight the capitalist enemies, who want to target the land, forest and water of the tribal people. While the revolutionary songs try to boost the morale of rebel fighters, their ‘revolutionary’ battles are highlighted with images of guerrillas in action during training and their sacrifices.

The exploits of the Naxals at Rani Bodli in Chhattisgarh, where 55 policemen were killed and the post was looted in 2007, were among the highlights. The clippings also boast of defeating government sponsored concepts like Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh. The presentation also demands halting of the ongoing Operation Green Hunt in the Naxal strongholds. The work of senior and martyr cadres like Anuradha Gandhy, referred to as Jankidevi, and Patel Sudhakar was also highlighted.

“Around a week ago we had got hint of the clippings making the rounds in the district. Naxals frequently resort to propaganda in different forms, and the latest one is also part of such activities,” said deputy inspector general of police, Naxal range, Ravindra Kadam. The experienced officer said the propaganda material was circulated in Bhamragarh taluka also, where agencies were able to get some copies of it.

Inspector general of police Anup Kumar Singh, heading the state Anti-Naxal operation (ANO) cell, too categorically said his unit has not forwarded the material to any other agency as it does not add to the threat perception.


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