Chilean Police Accused Of Molesting Student Activists

SANTIAGO, Aug 25 (Bernama) — Parents of Chilean student activists on Friday filed charges against police for allegedly molesting secondary school students protesting for better education.

Head of the Metropolitan Parents and Caretakers Association Ismael Calderon accused riot police of sexually abusing minors, mostly girls, as they moved to disperse a mass march in capital Santiago on Thursday.

“There are police officers here that have practically turned into pedophiles. Photos are appearing on social networking sites of police doing questionable things to students and we are not going to keep tolerating that,” Xinhua news agency reported Calderon as saying.

Calderon, accompanied by opposition Senator Guido Girardi, submitted their evidence to a public prosecutor to begin investigation into the affair.

Parents said accusations of police abuse against arrested students have risen recently, with minors forced to strip naked at police precincts and receiving verbal insults from officers.


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