Assiut Cement drivers strike for second day

Tens of drivers working at the Assiut Cement factory have continued to strike for the second day Saturday, protesting penalties imposed on them by the company.

Workers at the company’s transportation department said that they too have joined the strike due to mistreatment by the company’s officials.

The head of security at the factory has reportedly given orders to prevent food and drink from entering the factory to pressure the workers to end their strike, causing the deterioration of workers’ health, including five who fainted, while ambulances were not allowed in.

Meanwhile, Hassan El-Mahalaway, manager of the factory’s transportation department, said that the penalties imposed on some drivers and workers were due to infractions while driving that had caused some accidents.

Workers at Assiut Cement factory went on a strike earlier in May demanding bonuses and proper contracts. The strike was attacked by Central Security Forces leaving eight injured.

Assiut Cement factory is controlled by worldwide conglomerate CEMEX since 1999, holding 95.8 per cent of the company’s stake.

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