Karnataka: Police find Naxal camp at Sringeri

An abandoned Naxalite camp was found by the police at Talavanthakudige near Sringeri on Saturday. It was learnt that the ‘outlaws’ had fled the scene on learning that the police would be visiting the spot.

At the camp site, prepared food,utensils, soup and vegetables were found. Also, a bag containing Maoist pamphlets were retrieved.

The police said that the Naxals had perhaps  camped at the place to prepare food on Friday evening but on getting a clue about the police visit they had escaped into the forest.

No arms, however, were found. It is being said that owing to the rains the Naxals had come to village fringes for food. However, the combing operation is beefed up and the nearby villagers are questioned about the Naxals’ visit, told police to reporters.

Meanwhile, letters were addressed to the Chikmagalur media houses on Thursday in the name of one CPI (Maoist) state committee  secretary Gangadhar. The repudiated the  police version saying that Naxals having no jobs had joined the Janatha Guerilla army and were wandering aimlessly in the jungles.

Justifying the Naxal team’s visit  to Shishila in Belthangady taluk recently, the Naxals said that that they held discussions with the locals about politics. According to the letter, the Naxals had discussed problems and got ration for the locals but police are carrying out bad propaganda against the Naxals.

The letter stated that in the name of tiger reserves adivasis are being evicted and forest department officials are torturing them.

The poor localites are always subjected to exploitation and oppression by landlords and corporate sectors, stated the letter. The letter said that to put an end to this,   Naxals are organising people as an army ‘Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army’ and providing them leadership in the movement to fight against the exploiters.

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