We are original Maoist: CPN-Maoist

KATHMANDU, Aug 16: The newly formed CPN-Maoist has claimed that more than 60 percent of “cream leaders and party cadres of the people´s war” have joined them and that they are the original Maoist party.

The claim was made during the party´s politburo meeting at the party headquarters in Buddhanagar on Wednesday. The meeting, which came close on the heels of organization formation campaign, reached such conclusion after reportings of the bureau in-charges and review of the party´s activities across the country.

“We formed the party committees across the country and also reviewed the conditions and possibilities of the party organizations. The meeting concluded that more than 65 percent of party cadres involved in the people´s war had joined our party,” said Pampha Bhusal, spokesperson of the party.

The meeting also concluded that the new party was stronger as the party organizational structure moved down from state, district and cell committees in comparison to their mother party UCPN (Maoist) from which they split earlier this year. The bureau in-charges presented reports on organizational conditions and possibilities comparing them with Pushpa Kamal Dahal led UCPN (Maoist). Maoists have formed eight bureaus including five based on geographical location.

“The meeting concluded that our party is stronger as we move down to lower committees of the party. It means we represent the sprit and emotion of the grass root level common people,” said Narayan Sharma, bureau in-charge of the party´s sister wings. Another leader Kul Prasad KC said party cadres were exited and hopeful.

“It is proof that the original Maoists are in our party,” said KC, who is in-charge of Far-western bureau. “The strength of our committees increase as we go down from the central level to state, district and cell committees. In the lower level committees, Dahal´s Maoist is in minority. We are in majority.”

He claimed that the party led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal was in majority in the centre due to the new comers. But with newcomer, the parties did have not have hold in the grass root levels.

Similarly, the meeting also concluded there were two main reason for the growing attraction to the new party. The first reason was centre to state and district level leaders were comparatively clean, revolutionary and they had contributed more in the people´s war than UCPN (Maoist) leaders.

The second reason was that the party was still carrying forward the agendas during the people´s war which UCPN (Maoist) chairman Dahal abandonned in the party and also in the constituent assembly. The newly formed party CPN-Maoist was raising the issues of national sovereignty, single identity based federalism and issue of inclusive and full proportional electoral system.

“We have been carrying forward the agendas that the Maoists had rised during the people´s war. But Dahal has abandoned them. Therefore, core cadres during the war have committed themselves to our party,” said Sharma.

Almost all chiefs of sister wings had joined the new party. The meeting also concluded that Tharuwan, Newa, Magarat states committee were stronger among the 13 state committees.

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