‘Naxalism remains a serious problem’

NEW DELHI: Reiterating the threat perception from Left wing extremists, PM Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said that though the government had achieved success in many areas of internal security, naxalism continued to be “a serious problem”.

Delivering his I-Day speech, Singh pointed out that there had been a reduction in violence in north-eastern states and J&K, but emphasized on the need for constant vigil.

“The incidents which occurred in Pune in the beginning of this month point to the need for much more work to be done in the area of national security,” he said. The PM also expressed his concerns over lower Assam violence.

Though Singh’s remarks on naxalism was not new as he had termed it as one of the gravest internal security challenges on several occasions in the past, the reiteration underscores the statistics — Maoist violence claimed more lives than combined fatalities in terrorism and north-east insurgency.

The Union home ministry’s annual report recently revealed that 3,240 people, including civilians and security forces were killed in naxal violence as compared to 1,034 in north-eastern states and 496 in J&K in the past three years.

It also disclosed that even the number of violent incidents carried out by Maoists (7,817) was more than the number of terror\insurgent attacks reported in north-eastern states (4,258) and J&K (2,035) together between 2008 and 2011.

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