Collum mine suspects crackdown continues

POLICE have vowed to continue cracking down all suspects linked to recent Sinazongwe’s Collum Coal Mine riots that led to the killing of a 50-year-old miner Wu Shengzai.

Choma Police chief Moffat Zimba said the police had continued to hunt for more suspects linked to the riots and the killing of Mr Wu.

Speaking in an interview from Choma yesterday, Mr Zimba said one of Mr Wu’s alleged killers was still on the run but the police would continue looking for him.

“We haven’t arrested more suspects as of today (Sunday) but we are on the ground searching for additional suspects.

As our high police command has already indicated, we will continue tracking down all suspects,” he said.

Sinazongwe District is under Choma in terms of police operations.

Last week, five suspects linked to recent riots at the mine and killing of Mr Wu Shengzai appeared in a Choma magistrate’s Court.

One suspect appeared for mention for murder and he did not take plea as the case could only be tried by the High Court while four suspects pleaded not guilty to charges of house breaking and theft.

The five suspects are Alex Sindebuka, 25, Willard Munsaka, 25, Lameck Siamukololo, 45, Mike Phiri, 22, and Skwino Mpande aged 23.

Appearing before Magistrate Jacob Mbolela in Choma, Sindebuka stood charged with the murder of Wu Shengzai contrary to section 200 chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that on August 4, 2012, Sindebuka jointly while acting together with others did murder Wu Shengzai contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Munsaka of Siankodobo Village of Sinazeze in Siazongwe district and a miner at Collum Coal mine pleaded not guilty to the charge of house breaking and theft contrary to the laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that on August 4, 2012, Munsaka, Siamukololo, Phiri, and Mpande miners at Collum Coal Mine committed the offence of house breaking and theft when he broke into the house of late Wu Shengzai and stole two drawers, four bricks of cigarettes, a duvet and bedspread and other property valued at K1,640,000.

They would appear for mention on August 22, and September 5, this year while trial in these cases would commence on September 12 to September 19.

The remaining seven suspects, who have already been charged with riotous behavior, would appear in court soon.


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