Odisha: Squad diffuses high intense PETN live pressure mines

Report by Kishore Dash & Deba Prasad Dash, Malkangiri: In an hour long operation, the five member bomb disposal squad from Bhubaneswar today disposed of the three high intense CODEC pressure live mines made up of Pentaerythritol tetra nitrate (PETN) at Sikhpalli which were detected by the Border Security Forces during patrolling operation there on Wednesday.

Though a bomb disposal squad from here rushed to spot on Wednesday evening, but could not diffuse it presuming it to be a multiple one. The five member squad was arrived at the 39th BSF Battalion headquarter premises here at about 4.00 pm by a Pawan Hans chopper today.

The bomb disposal squad rushed to Sikhpalli accompanied by Special Operation Group Commandos. The entire Sikhpalli area, some 14 km from here where the Border Security Forces were on high alert after the detection of the live mines underneath a tree at the weekly market there on Wednesday.

It took more than two hours for the experts to diffuse the three PETN made codec explosives. After diffusion the pressure mines were exploded creating high intense sound there.

The codec explosive is highly destructive and could have caused a lot of causality if blasted, said one of the five member bomb disposal squad told on conditions of anonymity. This PETN made codec explosive was used by the Sandal mafia Veerapan to root out the sandal tress in the deep forest areas of Karnatak and Tamil Nadu,he added.

It is presumed that the high intense explosive planted by the rebels to cause causality to the Sikhpalli based Border Security Forces today, when the ultras are celebrating “Kranti Divas” in the memory of their friends killed in police encounter.

It is on this day in 2001,the rebels were attacked on Motu and Kalimela police stations simultaneously and killed four police personnels in an hour long operation. Top Maoist leader Kranti Ranveer was also killed in Motu during exchange of fire on the day.

The Border Security Forces are on high alert after the incident.

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