Cops propose better incentives to induce Naxalite surrenders

Gadchiroli Aug 9 (PTI) A Gadchiroli police proposed an a scheme to increase the amount given to surrendered Naxalites and also provide employment apportunities to them in government departments, sources said here today. Presently, surrendered Naxalites are given financial aid from Rs 5000 to Rs 10 lakh, depending on their rank. A sangam member gets Rs 5000, gram rakshak dal members get Rs 40,000, dalam members get Rs 75,000, a deputy commander gets Rs 1 lakh, a commander gets Rs 2 lakhs, a divisional committee member gets Rs 4 lakhs, a zonal committee member gets Rs 6 lakhs and those above the rank of a zonal committee get Rs 10 lakhs, sources said. There are also separate financial provisions for Naxalites surrendering along with their arms and the amount would depend on the grade of arms. Besides monetary gains, the police has also proposed providing jobs to surrendered Naxalites, so that others would get inspired to follow the suit, sources said. Sources said that though the Andhra Pradesh government’s surrender policy yielded good results, it is entirely upto the state government to sanction these proposals. Since the surrender policy was introduced by the state in 2005, as many as 365 Naxalites surrendered and were provided financial assistance amounting to Rs 1.79 crore, besides Rs 37 lakh by the central government, under its security related expenses (SRE), sources said.

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