Collum Coal Mine ring leader nabbed

POLICE yesterday apprehended the ring leader of the recent riot at Collum Coal Mine in Sinazongwe and are now collecting statements from witnesses which are likely to lead to more arrests following the killing of a Chinese supervisor Wu Shengzai last Saturday.
Choma district police commanding officer Moffat Zimba said in an interview yesterday that the ring leader, whose identity he could not disclose, is among the seven miners who have been charged with riotous behaviour and are expected to appear in court soon.
“Yes, we have picked up the one who led the riot and he is among the seven who are waiting to appear in court for riotous behaviour,” Mr Zimba said.
He said police yesterday suspended the operation aimed at apprehending more suspects because two deputy ministers were in Sinazongwe addressing meetings to normalise the situation.
“We could not continue with our operation because the deputy ministers were addressing meetings, but we are still recording statements from people who witnessed the riot,” he said.
Mr Zimba said no suspects are expected to appear in court today because police are gathering more information from witnesses.
Earlier, Mr Zimba said police were closing in on more suspects in the violent protest by miners at Collum Coal Mine during which Mr Wu was killed and several others injured.
Mr Zimba said more people will appear in court soon as his officers pick more suspects.
Police have already apprehended 12 suspects of whom five appeared in the Choma Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, one of them charged with murder.

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