NCP-M chair Baidhya warns of armed struggle

KATHMANDU: Nepal Communist Party-Maoist (NCP-M) Chairman Mohan Baidhya has warned that his party will take up armed struggle if political parties fail to forge consensus on the thorny issues of the constitution-drafting.

Talking to a TV journalist aligned to Himalaya TV on Saturday, Mohan Baidhya said there won’t be any other alternatives other than unleashing an armed struggle if a pro-people constitution is not promulgated as per the consensus among parties.

The talk show will be broadcasted Saturday night on Himalayan Television.

Baidhya along with UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Vice-chairman of UCPN-M Baburam Bhattarai had led the Maoist insurgency for a decade till they joined the mainstream politics.

Of late however, Baidhya and his supporters have broke away with UCPN-M alleging that the latter has sacrificed its revolutionary principle.

Arguing that the five-point agreement reached between parties have lost its significance, Baidhya said, to form a new government under the leadership of Nepali Congress won’t be appropriate.

A new agreement should be inked among parties and NCP-M should get a chance to chair the government, stated Baidhya.

Saying that fresh poll to elect a new Constituent Assembly (CA) and reinstatement of Constituent Assembly are unattainable, Baidhya demanded a round table conference to form a national census government.

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