Won’t spare leaders who want PLA to surrender: Shahi

ROLPA: Dahaban-based Maoist fighters’ Fifth Division brigade commander Dipendra Shahi today said that they would not allow those leaders who wanted the People Liberation Army to surrender on the pretext that they were disqualified.

Shahi said, “We know them and would take necessary action against them after leaving the cantonment.” He further said some leaders within the UCPN-M, CPN-Maoist and opposition parties, who are against the fighters are in the target of attack.

Talking to The Himalayan Times, he said, “That the attack could be either physical or opinion-based.” Fighters who fought for 10 years for the welfare of people have been imprisoned in cantonments and have been disrespectfully behaved, he alleged.

Considering that there would be no respectful integration all 523 fighters of the Fifth Division were preparing to opt for voluntary retirement, said brigade commander. “But then they (fighters),” he warned, “who merge with the society could turn dangerous as their sacrifices have been completely ignored.”

Bloodshed politics would be the next alternative if respectful integration of the fighters fails to take place, Shahi said. The fighters realised that some leaders of their own party have betrayed them so there’s scope for any respectful integration.

Division’s Battalion Commander Aajad said that no one should digress from the seven-point agreement. The fighters who opted for integration and are in the cantonments waiting for the same though they have been depressed as other fighters who had opted for voluntary retirement and left the cantonments and have started business.

Company commander Kamal Chaudhary said, “Our friends who have gone for voluntary retirement earlier have been settled. They had started some business but we have been rotten in the cantonments in the hope of integration.”

There are hundreds of other fighters like Chaudhary in Fifth Division. “It would be better to go on leave than wasting time without work in cantonments,” said Shahi.

Over 150 fighters from the total 523 are in the division. Yuganta has also gone to Nepalgunj and another brigade commander Dhrub is in Kathmandu.

Most fighters now wish for voluntary retirement than integration at the final phase. Company commander Chaudhary said, “If the process would start then I shall start some business with Rs 6,00,000 that the government provides for retirement.”

The fighters in the cantonment are having hard time with the onset of rainy season as water leaks from the roof. The Nepali Army which has reached the division for integration also has no work to do.

On the other hand, those fighters who have gone for retirement have formed association and joined the newly formed CPN-Maoist, while some are still with the UCPM-M itself.

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