Kasserine Post Office Workers Launch Open Strike

Yesterday, post office employees in Kasserine organized an open strike in protest of a governmental decree stipulating that the payment of subcontractors’ salaries would be conducted solely through the post office, excluding banks from the process.

Post office workers demanded the annulment of the decree, citing the postal service’s lack of facilities, security, and personnel to accommodate the more than 20,000 subcontractors in Kasserine seeking payment.

The decision was made following an eruption of civil unrest in Sidi Bouzid, triggered by a delay in the payment of subcontracted workers. In response to the disturbances, minister and government spokesman Samir Dilou announced on July 28 that subcontracted workers would receive their payment through the post office.

This is not the first time the government’s attempts to conduct payment of subcontracted workers through the post office have been resisted. On July 23, the Post Office Union and the Kasserine Regional Labor Union also refused the implementation of this measure, threatening to strike if their demands were not met.

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