Matrika raises voice for joint govt of revolutionists

BELAURI: Chairman of CPN (Maoist) Matrika Prasad Yadav has stressed that a joint government of revolutionary forces be formed to draft a pro-people constitution.

Talking to journalists at Belauri in Kanchanpur district today, Yadav claimed that his party was ready to resort to any extreme nature of agitation for the formation of a joint government of revolutionists and thereby draft a pro-people constitution.

Though the Nepali people have been fighting for positive changes in the country since 2007 BS, achievements of the past movements could not be protected as political leaders failed to do so.

Stating that rural people have still been deprived of even the basic medicines, he expressed the concern over ‘lifetime’ State facilities and perks enjoyed by political leaders.

On another note, Yadav said that the nation will plunge into ethnic crisis if federal states are carved out on the basis of ethnicity.

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