Armed Maoist cadre regrouping

The Union home ministry has alerted Jharkhand about the build-up of Maoist military companies in the state as operations by Cobra and other anti-Naxal forces have failed to track them down so far. There is the possibility of attacks by Maoists on security forces and other installations in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, senior security officials said.
The build up by the armed Maoist cadres began in the first week of July with top area commanders coming from tri-junction of Latehar, Garhwa in Jharkhand and Balrampur in Chhattisgarh districts besides others.
The MHA advisory, sent on Wednesday, warns the Jharkhand government about the presence of a large group of armed CPI(Maoist) extremists at different places in Palamu district under the command of half a dozen senior Maoist leaders. “The extremists appear to have congregated for an important meeting scheduled to be held shortly for reviewing organisational affairs as armed contingents have been requisitioned from elsewhere,” says the MHA letter.
The home ministry says that an operation was launched on the night of July 14 on Manika-Panki border by mobilising personnel from six teams of Cobra , 14 platoons of the CRPF and eight teams of Jharkhand Jaguar to ‘’dismantle the armed CPI (Maoist) groups. ‘’However, no contact could be established with the extremists,” it says.
The MHA has warned that in view of the large assembly of extremists in the area, which is poised to grow further, the state government should induct additional troops and carry out sustained search operations till either establishment of contact or ‘’disintegration’’ of the CPI(Maoist) military companies.
Meanwhile, the joint anti-Naxal forces in the state are monitoring the movements of the Maoists. Both Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand are under the radar of the armed CPI(Maoist) groups, the intelligence officials said.

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