July 10, 2012
Punish the perpetrators of Basaguda Massacre !
Demand the immediate withdrawal of all paramilitary and military forces from Bastar !

On 28-6-2012 in one of the most brutal massacres till date in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar region 17 innocent, ordinary, unarmed villagers were killed by about a thousand blood-thirsty CRPF-CoBRA, state police forces and Koya Commandos and SPOs. These mercenary forces surrounded a gathering of villagers discussing about their harvest and related festivals in Sarkinguda on that night and killed several people in an indiscriminate, one-sided cold-blooded firing reminding one of the Jallianwalabagh massacre. Many more villagers were injured. Nine of the dead were juveniles between 12 and 16 years of age. There were children, women and elderly persons among the injured too. The mercenary forces wreaked havoc the whole night and shot dead some more villagers, looted their homes and resorted to sexual abuses on women. They threatened the villagers who tried to help the injured that they too would face the same fate. On the same day two more Adivasi peasants were murdered by the same fascist government armed forces in Simlipenta, a nearby village taking the toll to 19.

This massacre was perpetrated by the mercenary forces as part of the second phase of Operation Green Hunt (OGH) launched by the Indian ruling classes with the full support and aid of the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists since mid-2009. The blue-print for this well-planned massacre was prepared under the auspices of the notorious ruling clique of Sonia-Manmohan-Chidambaram-Jairam Ramesh and their ‘reliable lieutenants’ at the centre and in Chhattisgarh (CG) – secretary for Home RK Singh, CRPF DG Vijaya Kumar-Raman Singh-Nankiram Kanwar-Longkumer-Anil Navani-Ramnivas et al., who are carrying on this country-wide, multi-pronged, counter-revolutionary massive military offensive on the Maoist movement areas in the most atrocious manner and where massacres of ordinary villagers has come to be one of the most common forms of repression in this “War on the People”. The statements by Raman Singh and Nankiram Kanwar about a massive offensive on Maoists to be launched in June in CG forewarned about what was in store because as any keen observer of these ‘offensives on Maoists” is well aware – it is most common for ordinary people to become victims in fake encounters, lock-up deaths and massacres in such ‘offensives on Maoists’.

In Dandakaranya (DK) starting from Singaram massacre in January 2009 several massacres of Adivasis have been carried on by the state and central mercenary forces like in Vechapad, Singanamadugu, Palachelima, Gompad, Gumiapal, Kokavada, Takilod, Ongnar and massive destruction and murders as in Tadimetla-Morpalli-Chintalnar etc., and none of the perpetrators – neither the ‘Generals’ like Sonia, Manmohan, Chidambaram, Raman Singh, Nankiram Kanwar, Vijay Kumar, Longkumer or a Kalluri nor the actual police-paramilitary officers and ‘foot soldiers’ who carried out their orders – of these massacres have been booked or punished till date. All the culprits are roaming scot-free in the corridors of power in New Delhi and Raipur and the off the hook police-paramilitary forces are ruthlessly going about their daily routine of mayhem, murder, loot, destruction, arson and rapes in the heart of India.

The Basaguda massacre is all the more bizarre for the utter lies, distortions, twisting of facts and the lower depths the ruling classes could stoop to justify their unscrupulous deed. Firstly, they for the umpteenth time repeated the routine story that armed Maoists had attacked them and that these ‘Maoists’ were killed when they retaliated. They even lied that they had seized weapons and explosives from the site. Six injured jawans were shown as ‘proof’ of the fact that an exchange of fire took place. Herr Chidambaram could not hide his glee at the death of ‘twenty Maoists’ and in a moment of truth announced that ‘this was a pre-planned attack’ based on information. Later this Indian avatar of Goebbels had to eat his foul lexis as every fact pointed out to a cold-blooded massacre and even the Congress in CG was forced to form a committee on this after the people of the village and neighboring villages came on the roads and stated the facts for the entire world to hear.

In spite of the facts put forward by the entire people of the village and his own party, Chidambaram conveniently and shamelessly ‘passed the buck’ to the Raman Singh government saying that it is for the state government to decide if an enquiry is needed or not and that the central government had nothing to do with this. Shedding crocodile tears he had the audacity to say that he regretted if innocent people had died even while self contradicting himself that this was a ‘transparent and upfront’ attack. Raman Singh not even caring if any sane person believed him, once again spun the same old bull-shit theory that Maoists used the ordinary people as human shields and so they died! Like a pet dog more faithful than the master Nankiram Kanwar went to the end of saying that whoever is with the Maoists is also a Maoist implying that those villagers could be (or deserved to be) killed as ‘they were with Maoists’.

The stark fact is that there were no Maoists with the villagers and no exchange of fire had taken place. The mercenary forces just surrounded the villagers from all sides and fired upon them and some were pulled out of their homes and shot dead. Even the so-called injuries of the jawans must have been a hoax as in some earlier instances or they might have been injured in their own cross-fire.

This massacre happened in the backdrop of the deployment of Indian Army in Bastar in the name of training and the attacks already being launched by the Air Force in the pretext of logistical support and self-defense. It is like a curtain-raiser to the things in store and let nobody make the mistake of seeing this massacre as a mistake of the government forces in the field. As every concerned democratic citizen in this country is increasingly realizing and as our party has stated several times, this “War on People” is being perpetuated with the sole aim of the plunder of the rich natural resources of our country and to crush every kind of force that proves to be a hurdle to it. The people led by the CPI (Maoist) and the party are perceived by the imperialists and the Indian ruling classes as the most formidable ‘hurdle’ (read biggest threat to the ‘internal security’ of the plunderers) to the loot of our country and particularly that of Adivasi areas by the imperialists, comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and the big landlords of our country which explains this massive military offensive on our movement areas. In the name of crushing Maoists the ruling classes are crushing all kinds of democratic and patriotic forces in this country and we once again appeal to the people to realize that this is not just an offensive on the Maoists but a “War on the People”. This is what lies behind massacres like the one at Basaguda.

The lives of ordinary citizens and Adivasis of this country hold no value for the ruling classes is something that has been proven hundreds of times in police firings and such massacres. The only new thing is that now they are shouting this fact from the roof-tops openly. The convoluted logic that whoever is with the Maoists deserved to be killed or could be killed should be thoroughly exposed and condemned as this is nothing but a thinly veiled threat to the lives of the citizens of this country and particularly the Adivasis in the Maoist movement areas. The full scale preparations for drone attacks and the future deaths of Adivasis in these attacks would also be justified with the same logic of ‘collateral damage’ as in Afghanistan or a Pakistan. Already in Peda Kedwal and Chinna Kedwal villages of Bastar the government forces conducted an aerial operation in December 2011 using more than a dozen helicopters for deployment of forces. In all the massive military operations conducted recently in Dandakaranya, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh-Odisha Border and Andhra-Odisha Border areas involving Brigade level of forces, UAVs were used. They had openly declared that this is how future attacks would be conducted in Maoist areas.

We appeal to all citizens of this country, democrats, patriots, well-wishers of Adivasis and all civil liberties organizations to condemn the Basaguda brutal massacre in no uncertain terms and demand severe punishment for the perpetrators. Demand the immediate withdrawal of all paramilitary and military forces from Bastar.

We particularly appeal to the media persons to bring the facts about this massacre into light as some pro-government corporate media persons are trying to hide the facts and falsely portray this massacre as ‘people being crushed between government forces and Maoists’. We appeal to one and all to build a vast and united agitation all over the country with these demands. We appeal to all revolutionary and democratic forces in the country and the world to condemn this massacre, to oppose the deployment of UAVs to crush the Maoist movement in India and to demand an end to “War on People” – the Operation Green Hunt.

Central Committee,
CPI (Maoist)

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