Gajurel asks incumbent prime minister to quit

JANAKPURDHAM: Communist Party of Nepal, Maoist vice-chairman CP Gajurel today warned of chasing Baburam Bhattarai out of Baluwatar, Prime Minister’s official residence.

Noting that Bhattarai had murdered Constituent Assembly, Gajurel called on the Prime Minister to step down and pave the way for the consensus government.

“Since Bhattarai is adamant on sticking to power, he has to be thrown out of the power,” Gajurel said, while talking to mediapersons in Janakpur.

On a different note, he accused the incumbent government of trying to bring the full-fledged budget at the behest of foreign powers. “Prime Minister should not forget that he is a caretaker one. He should stop daydreaming of bringing the full budget at behest of foreign powers,” he added.

The CPN (Maoist) leader has expressed confidence that President would not approve the budget brought by the caretaker government through an ordinance.

Stating that reinstatement of the dissolved Constituent Assembly was not possible, Gajurel called on the parties to organise a round table conference to give a way out to the political crisis facing the country. He said, “The resurrection of the dissolved CA that could not promulgate a new constitution in four years’ time is not acceptable to us.”

Asked about the possibility of his party’s unification with the UCPN-Maoist, Gajurel ruled out any such possibility in future.

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