MCP for fixing fertilizer price

IMPHAL, July 8: The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has asked for fixing the price of fertilizers in the interests of the farmers in the state.

In a press statement signed by its secretary publicity and propaganda Nonglen Meitei it has demanded a fixed price for fertilizers. Prices should be fixed before three days, the statement demanded.

In case the concerned authorities fail to fix the price before the end of the deadline, the outfit might be compelled to fix the prices on their own in the interest of the poor farmers, the statement said.

The outfit has been pressing that the absence of a specific agricultural policy in the state has adversely affected the situation of the farmers in Manipur.

Even though the government has been fixing the prices of Urea in the state, the distributors fix the prices of other fertilizers, the statement said.

The banned outfit has said prices should be fixed with the approval of both the farmers and distributors.

It has also said that due to the Agriculture department’s inability to conduct widespread awareness campaign on agriculture in the state, there is no improvement in the sector.

The outfit has also ridiculed the agriculture department team for conducting soil test so as to just put their pictures on the newspapers.

Without proper guidance from the department, farmers in the state are still practicing only the traditional form of agriculture.

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