Bolivia riot police clash with indigenous people in La Paz protest

Bolivian riot police have clashed with indigenous protesters camping near the presidential palace in the capital La Paz.
Police officers fired tear gas and used water cannon on Thursday in a bid to force the protesters to leave their encampments set near the palace.

Adolfo Chavez, the leader of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Eastern Bolivia, considered the forced eviction as “an act of intolerance by the government.”

The protesters have been camping in the capital for several days to ramp up pressure on President Evo Morales and voice their opposition to a plan for the construction of a road through the National Park and Indigenous Territory Isiboro-Secure in the country’s central part.

The protesters have called on the government to drop the project as it would ruin their Amazon homeland.

If this is the change that you’ve wanted and if this is the change that you’re making then throw tear gas at us again,” a female protester shouted at riot police who were dispersing the demonstrators.

Many indigenous people have left villages for the capital to protest against the road plan.

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