Little response to Red’s ceasefire call

RANCHI: The CPI (Maoist)’s call for a ceasefire against the splinter groups for three month has not yet received any positive response.

Soon after the announcement, the strikes over villagers believed to be Maoist sympathizers in an around Palamu, Latehar and parts of southern Bihar have intensified. Taking strong exception to this retaliatory behaviour, the Bihar Jharkhand North Chhatisgarh special area committee of the Maoists has re-issued the ceasefire appeal.

Committee spokesperson Gopal said the Maoists would observe restrain and try to avoid any confrontation with the individual armed groups, considered to be splinter groups of the larger party. “We are going to wait till the end of the ceasefire and just raise arms in self defence but once the period is over we have plans to deal with these groups militarily and politically,” he said.

Strikes in Maoist-dominated regions have also increased as some of the houses in Panki region of Palamu were burnt by armed groups. Gopal said the call for ceasefire would serve dual purpose. “Some of the revolutionaries may understand the need to come together against the imperial forces and join the fight for common cause and those who refuse to form the unified command against Operation Green Hunt will be exposed before the public,” he said.

The Maoists have called for a ceasefire so that all the armed groups active in Jharkhand and Bihar region come on one platform and oppose the security operations named as Operation Green Hunt. The Maoist committee which claims to be the largest rebel organization in the region has also invited leaders of smaller groups to come up for debate. “Our purpose is to serve the interest of tribal and villagers and if they (the splinter groups) are committed to the welfare of the people, they should not just extort money but also fight against the imperialist forces that are striving to grab land and evict the villagers from forests,” he said.


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