Ready to join Baidhya: Matrika

SIRAHA: CPN (Maoist) coordinator Matrika Prasad Yadav today said that his party was ready to unite with the recently formed the CPN-Maoist party led by Mohan Baidhya should he amend his view regarding the issues of Madhes liberty.

Speaking at a programme organised by the CPN (Maoist) District Committee, Siraha, he said, “The views of Baidhya regarding Madhes are wrongly placed,” and adding, “If he considers Madhes issues positively, then we are ready to join with him.”

The CPN (Maoist) leader said Baidhya has split from the Unified CPN-M due to his personal differences with party Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal and not due to theoretical difference regarding the welfare of people.

He went on to say, “Baidhya stayed in the UCPN-M till he got Constituent Assembly allowance, but split after the allowance stopped. That reveals his character.”

Yadav pointed out the importance of revolutionary government in the present situation of the country. He blamed the UCPN-M, UML and Nepali Congress for fighting with each other for the sake of power. These parties, he went on to say, are not interested to promulgate constitution in favour of people before CA’s dissolution but now are involved in power game.

He urged the people to join his protest programme, which would be staged after paddy plantation season. The welfare of people is not possible until and unless the revolutionary government is formed, Yadav added.

Yadav termed the declaration of polls by the incumbent government as meaningless. He said political parties would be involved in purchasing votes, capturing booths and corruption would be on rise after the formation of government even after election.

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