250 Arrested in student protest in Chile

Disturbances following a student march to demand free, quality public education left 20 police injured and 250 protesters in custody, Chilean authorities said.

“We had a day of violence, worrisome. We suffered an attack on one of our vans, we were witnesses to an attack on a truck carrying prison guards, on a transit van and to various incidents of vandalism,” police Gen. Luis Valdes told the press.

Hooded assailants in Santiago sacked supermarkets, pharmacies and a cell phone store, and destroyed 15 traffic lights and 50 street signs.

The governor of the capital metropolitan region, Cecilia Perez, demanded that the student organizations behind the march take it open themselves to condemn the violence.

“This brutality carried out by a group of criminals must be rejected by all social actors without hesitation, but even more forcefully by those who today called this protest,” she said.

Organizers said 150,000 people took part in Thursday’s march, though police put the number at 40,000. Even if the smaller figure is correct, the demonstration signaled the continuing strength of a student movement that took the streets more than 40 times in 2011.

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