Maoists call ceasefire for 3 months against other rebels

RANCHI: In a change of strategy, the CPI (Maoist) has decided to call off violence against armed outfits, including their splinter groups, for three months. The rebels have invited leaders of other groups to come together on one platform and fight against the unified command of the Centre and the state governments carrying out Operation Green Hunt.

Bihar Jharkhand North Chhattisgarh Special Area Committee (BJNCSAC) spokesman Gopal in a statement issued on Sunday said the decision of unilateral ceasefire was taken to invite the other armed groups working in individual capacity for the common people to work from a unified and stronger front. “We can set aside our personal differences in ideology for the betterment of common people and when the government is harassing villagers and trying to suppress their movement for neo-democracy, all the groups must understand the need of the hour and join hands,” the release reads.

The appeal has been issued in the name of the People Liberation Front of India (PLFI), Jharkhand Liberation Tigers (JLT), Jharkhand Janmukti Parished (JJMP), Tritiya Prastuti Committee (TPC), Shashtra People’s Morcha and any other such armed group working for people’s cause. The release says, “If these groups are working for the common people, they must come on one platform and accept the offer for ceasefire because the government has intensified the imperialist attack to gain control over jungles, villages and natural resources to hand it over to the corporate houses. If these groups do not understand the urgency of unifying our resources to fight the common enemy, their stance would be exposed,” the release reads.

Appealing to their own ranks and files to observe restrain, Gopal has asked the PLGA members to abide by the diktat and refrain from attacking any member of the armed groups. “Our PLGA members must be vigilant and retaliate in case there is an attack but they have to avoid confrontation with the other groups during the period of cease fire,” the release reads.

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