Division begins among Maoist sister wings

KATHMANDU: Following the declarations of the chairmen of several sister wings of the Unified CPN Maoists that they were with CPN Maoist, a number of other chairmen and vice-chairmen today claimed that they were with the mother party.

Organising a press conference here today more than 15 chairmen and vice-chairmen of sister organisations have declared that they are with Unified CPN-Maoists and have condemned those who have split the party.

They have also urged all those who have deserted the party to re-join. Those who have declared their affiliation with the UCPN-M are Himal Sharma of All Nepal National Independent Students Union – Revolutionary, Chitra Bahadur Shrestha of All Nepal Peasants Association-Revolutionary, Khimlal Devkota of Nepal National Intellectual Organisation, and Hitraj Pande of Martyrs Academy among others.

Chairmen of sister wings have divided into two parties but the full strength of the two parties is still unknown. It may take some time to know the final strength of each party in the sister wings as the members have begun to show their affiliation.

While some leaders have begun to capture the offices using muscle power thus inviting confrontations at different parts of the country.

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