Rain may scale down naxal violence

NAGPUR: The monsoon months in the hinterlands, which have Naxal presence, often offer a respite from violence perpetrated by the rebels. Both the security forces and naxals are forced into an unofficials ceasefire during rains.

The reason: the forest terrain is such that the ground becomes slushy and nullahs overflow. The security forces are gearing up to thwart the Naxal bandh on June 25 in Gondia and Gadchiroli in Maharashtra and Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh called by the Maharashtra State Rajya Committee of the rebels. But, the wet season rules out any fierce encounter in the jungle as the movement with heavy arms and ammunitions in slushy ground poses difficulties for either sides. Sources from the security agencies claimed that more than police it is the Naxals which avoid meeting the armed forces as their retreat strategy is often marred by the heavy and slushy grounds.

The Naxal cadres move to their villages during the rains as their stay in the jungle becomes impossible with canopies dripping with water and no firewood to cook food. “The Naxals have completed the tactical counter offensive campaigns in the first half of the year and their annual collection of funds for this period is also over,” said a police official. “Now it is the resting phase which would have some propaganda campaigns mostly apart from organizational work. Injured cadres use this time to recuperaten and recruitments are done before the next combat season starts,” he said.


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