CPN-Maoist against parliamentarianism

KATHMANDU: Newly-formed Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist today claimed that they were against parliamentarianism and could go for people’s revolt and even resume the people’s war for people’s democratic republic whenever people wish.

Addressing a press meet organised to announce the new party here today, Chairman Mohan Baidhya said they would not accept parliamentarianism but would fight for people’s democratic republican set-up in Nepal. When asked what would be their political line, he said his party could go for people’s revolt for people’s democratic republic if the people so wished. He, however, said time was not rife for people’s revolt now.

Baidhya claimed that the new party was born because the Unified CPN-Maoist has plunged into parliamentary system.

Baidhya appealed to all the revolutionaries in the UCPN-M to join his party and said the door for unification would remain open till the party’s general convention scheduled for February if Dahal and Baburam wished to join by transforming themselves. “We will not go to them now. Dahal should come,” he said.

On the split in the party, he said, “We have not quit the party but Dahal and Baburam did so. They split the party by deviating from ideology, politics and principles.”

Chairman Baidhya said they may or may not register the party since they would not follow the parliamentary system. He said his party would never fight with anyone but would retaliate if anyone attacks them. He said the idea of reviving Constituent Assembly was wrong. A round table conference of all the sides, civil society and disadvantaged groups must find a way out of the political impasse and ways to draft the new constitution.

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