Southwestern Chinese Villagers ‘Savagely’ Beaten During Drain-Pipe Protest

Ten Langnan Town villagers were injured and another three arrested in a dispute over a large natural gas pipeline near their town in China’s southwestern Guangxi Province.

The villagers had been protesting the installation of a new drainage pipe near the gas pipeline and close to an elementary school. They said the pipe could cause environmental pollution or lead to explosions or gas leaks.

Langnan villager Mr. Ou told The Epoch Times that villagers’ negotiations with local officials had made no difference and construction on the new drainage pipe began early Thursday morning.

After catching word of the construction, which started at 5 a.m., hundreds of villagers gathered to stop it. The Teng County governor, who oversees Langnan Town, then ordered police and security forces to crack down on protesters and prevent any villagers from approaching the pipeline construction site.

By 7 a.m. authorities had arrived at the construction site in two dozen cars, three buses, and two police cars. There were a large number of armed police and plainclothesmen, Ou said.

Word of the crackdown on the villagers spread amongst Chinese netizens, gaining attention on popular Chinese websites such as Sina Weibo, a microblogging website, and other media.

Clashes between authorities and the villagers started around 11 a.m. Three villagers were arrested and more than a dozen were wounded, according to a Chinese Internet-user going by the name “Small Child of Langnan.”

He described the conflict on the website. It is unclear if this netizen was at the scene of the clashes in Langnan.

However, he said some of the villagers were “beaten so seriously they spit up blood. Others were savagely beaten causing severe wounds to their heads and profuse bleeding. Some collapsed on the ground, and many were taken to a county hospital.”

A Langnan local, using the penname “Night Phoenix,” posted on Sina Weibo that the Chinese regime “even hired thugs disguised in police uniforms … and used electric batons to beat and shock a female teenage villager who later fainted” under duress.

“Some [thugs] even picked up bricks using them to pound locals … Even if they were real police they do not have the right to do this,” Night Phoenix wrote.

According to “Night Phoenix,” at least seven people were wounded, and another five received more substantial injuries, including skull fractures. At least one person was critically injured during the clash requiring surgery, the netizen said.

At around 1 p.m. the villagers reluctantly dispersed.

This latest incident is one of many where CCP officials allegedly hired gangs of thugs to beat protesting locals.

Several days ago in Guangxi’s neighboring Guangdong Province a group of high school students were reportedly beaten by thugs wielding metal pipes. The students were allegedly attempting to detain the grandson of a high-ranking local CCP official, because they said the grandson had assaulted a female student.

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