Social democracy under the banner of Maoism

"These communists are supporting my program of capitalist stabilization?-LMFAO"

We are pleased to note the way in which the unfolding of the crisis in Greece has exposed certain rightist currents in the Maoist tendency as enthusiastic advocates of the electoral circus and integration within the reactionary state power.

Like the German Marxist-Leninists who became Greens they justify their adherence to the counter-revolution as non-dogmatism and creativity. As if the acknowledgement of the need to construct popular power in the course of destroying the state power of the bourgeois were “dogmatism” and not an elementary truth confirmed in the history of all popular struggles.

The path to revolution does not pass through the ballot box but through the organization of counter-power outside and in opposition to the reactionary state-it is the path of organization of neighborhood assemblies and worker’s councils, popular militias and a red army-and most importantly a combatant communist party functioning as a war machine not a vote gathering device.

These are the preconditions of a real protracted peoples war-the conscious organization and coalescence of proletarian and popular violence within the framework of a single strategy for the seizure of power.

This runs counter to the rightist christening of any and all forms of popular resistance as such-which in fact serves to liquidate the strategy of ppw entirely.

Today the only communist party worthy of the name is a party which prepares and wages peoples war-which constructs the new power while destroying the old power.

Syriza is not such a party. It is a party of social democratic integration within the intellectual lineage of Euro-communism a lineage which has as its proudest accomplishment the transformation of Italy into a prison. It is the ideology of the anti-terrorist snitch and the trade union cop.

The KKE is not such a party. It is a revisionist formation wedded to a mechanistic conception of revolution and a long track record of repressive opposition to the violence of the masses.

The party of revolution in Greece has yet to be built. And without a revolutionary party there will be no revolution. We look forward to the coming confusion of the opportunists when their idle hopes are dashed.



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