Maoists recruiting minority youths

GUWAHATI: The arrest of a Maoist in the city on June 8 has brought to the fore the CPI (Maoist)’s new trend of recruiting minority youths in the state.

Monowar Hussain, whose assumed name is Naresh, was arrested at Dhirenpara in the city, which led the police to search for another youth from the minority community, Amiruddin alias Sunil, who’s still on the run. “Monowar and Amiruddin are from Dhubri district and are the trainers for Maoists’ new recruits in the state,” a source said.

“This is something new and we were not exploring this angle of minority youths being tapped by Maoists till we arrested Monowar,” the source said. The two became Maoist cadres in 2007 and were trained in guerilla fighting at Gaya in Bihar. Amiruddin is, in fact, in charge of armed training in the state, the source added.

All this while security forces only had information about Ahom, Moran and Adivasi boys from the state and Khamti boys of Arunchal Pradesh being recruited by the CPI (Maoist).

“We have information about Amiruddin being holed up somewhere in West Bengal. We have sent a special team to the state. Amiruddin’s home is in Medertari under Fakirganj police station, where the April 30 boat tragedy had taken place. We raided his house but his family members told us that he left home about a year ago,” the source said.

Security forces are now trying to delve into the reason for Maoists recruiting minority youths. “The question could be put the other way around — why are minority youths in the state looking up to Maoists while the huge population of Adivasi youths in the state have been keeping them at bay so far,” the source said.

Different theories have been floated and one suggests that all along, security forces have been ignoring the huge population of minority youths, who could be as gullible to armed groups as any other community in the state. “In the past, we have seen minority youths being lured into militant outfits like the Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam,” the source added.

“For Maoists, the most backward areas are the most fertile ground for finding recruits and spreading their base. While in other parts of the country the Adivasi areas are underdeveloped, the Muslim-dominated char areas in the state, which are hit by annual floods, are backward,” the source added.

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