Workers protest halts production at ArcelorMittal Annaba – Report

Local media reported that after workers protest due to dismissal of 18 employees surfaced at the ArcelorMittal Annaba steel complex in eastern Algeria employing about 6,000 workers, the plant was shut down.

As per report, the blast furnace was also put on standby throughout the day.

The report added that workers and management employees were, denied access as the roads leading to plant were blocked by dozens of vehicles.

Mr Joe Kazadi CEO of ArcelorMittal Annaba was quoted as saying that “Since this morning 7 AM, we can no longer access our factory. It is blocked by dozens of vehicles in defiance of all laws, we are stuck on the outside, we can no longer work. We asked the authorities to intervene to enforce the right to work and safety of employees.”

These disturbances are caused by some individuals who are currently the subject of a suspension of their contract of employment for serious misconduct.

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