Maoists ‘condone’ police informers, let them live in

Unidentified location (Bihar), June 14 (ANI): Maoist insurgents have condoned two persons captured by them after trying them at a Kangaroo court at an undisclosed location. .

Maoists along with a group of locals brought the two arrested men to an isolated location, and tried them at the Kangaroo court. .

In a rare judgment, the ultras pardoned the two men after accusing them of becoming police informers. However they threatened them with dire consequences if the act was repeated again.

“This man used to work as a police informer and was responsible for the arrest of several prominent Maoist leaders. He had called up police officials several times to give information about several top Maoist leaders. Today we have organised a kangaroo court to pass on a judgment against him,” said a Maoist.

The ultras admitted that generally they kill the police informers.

Generally we kill such people as they are responsible for the death of several Maoist leaders, but this is for the first time that we are forgiving such mistake. We are also a part of the locals and we have decided to forgive him, but if he repeats his mistake, we will not forgive him,” an unidentified Maoist said.

The two arrested informers cried for mercy and pledged not to repeat their mistakes.

“We became police informers and are responsible for the arrest of a top Maoist leader. Today they organised a people’s court and we accepted all our mistakes and promised not to repeat the same. We will be neutral for the both the sides,” said Ramparvesh Yadav, one of the arrested informer. (ANI)

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