Craigavon mayor condemns attack on PSNI

A gang of youths threw bricks and blast bombs at PSNI officers on Saturday afternoon as they dealt with a suspicious device near the Lismore roundabout.

The object was later declared “an elaborate hoax” by army bomb experts.

The DUP councillor said those who attacked the police do not speak for Craigavon.

“Those who planted the bomb and engaged in rioting do not speak for the people of Craigavon. The majority of people want to get on with their lives and live peaceably.

“This violence does not help move Craigavon forward rather it damages the area.”

She said that those who plant bombs and riot “are damaging their own communities.”

However, Cllr Lockhart said she didn’t blame the children who were rioting – but the “faceless individuals” who were manipulating them.


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