Explosives seized in Gaya

Gaya, June 9 (ANI): In an extensive anti-Maoist search operation, police recovered 250 kilograms of gunpowder, cane bombs and detonators, here on Saturday.

The local police in collaboration with Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) conducted the operation.

Speaking to reporters, the Assistant Sub-Inspector of Barachatti police station, B. K. Singh confirmed the whereabouts of the operation and the explosives recovered.

“Based on the information, the police officials and the CRPF conducted this operation.

Two people have been arrested. We have recovered the explosives from the residence of a person named Chandrika Manjhi,” Singh said.

The police arrested two suspects, Chandrika Manjhi and Krishna Kumar Keshri on the spot.

According to police, the suspected persons were believed to have some connection with the Maoists.

Seizure of explosives gave a huge sigh of relief to the police, as they believe that a major catastrophe was averted with the recovery of the explosives.

“We have recovered the explosives that include gun materials, four detonators, three cane bombs and one pipe bomb. They were planning to make some explosives. We have also found nuts and 30 metres of wire,” Singh disclosed.

Recently, the CRPF had recovered 21 powerful landmines and a 10-kilogram gunpowder in Latehar district of Jharkhand. (ANI)

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