More ‘night vision goggle’ for Gadchiroli police

NAGPUR: The change in tactics for more aggressive action has now necessitated that the forces in Maharashtra engaged in anti-Naxal operations are equipped with gadgets that would help them conduct operations and patrolling in the post sunset hours.

Following the adoption of a strategy increase vigilance in the dark hours, Gadchiroli police administration has made it a point to arrange for the force and paramilitary units with increased numbers of the ‘Night vision goggles’.

It was also learnt through sources, the Gadchiroli police would receive more such goggles to facilitate the operations and other security exercises in the night in the coming days. Such proposals for procuring the night vision goggles has been already mooted in the modernization plan in such a way that additional gadgets to facilitate eye-sight in the dimmest possible light would reach the force in the ongoing financial year.

The forces are now learnt to be using the already existing stock of the night vision goggles, procured around couple of years ago, after repairing and improving the qualities of some of them. The goggles for night operations were seldom used in the past as there was strict warning to the forces to avoid venturing out from the police posts after the sunset. The direction was issued from higher authorities in order to minimize risk and cut down on casualties, especially after the debacle year of 2009 when 51 police personnel were killed. The defensive ploy to avoid going out after the sunset has been recently reversed.

Maharashtra state Director general of police K Subramaniam had claimed that the forces have been instructed to make their presence feel in the villages and also go out of the posts after the sunset. Earlier this week, Gadchiroli district police’s C-60 commando units had taken a bunch of the Naxals by surprise after they surrounded them while the cadres were resting. On the eve of the bandh too on June 7, the security forces ensured that they patrolled the roads post sunset which the rebels often blocked by felling trees and planting mines in the night.

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