MCP claims planting timer bomb in Thangal Bazar

IMPHAL, June 7: The Maoist Communist Party in a press release has claimed to have planted a timer bomb near a hardware shop located at Thangal Bazar today morning.

In a press release by Nonglen Meitei, publicity secretary of the outfit stated that the business community of the Bazar area have been monopolizing the economy of the state by controlling the price of various commodities.

The traders have been raising the prices according to their whims and without consideration for the public, aimed only for filling their pockets, it said.

The matter has been intimated to the Bazar business community for negotiating the prices and fixing it with participation from the public, but the community has ignored the appeal of the Maoist Communist Party, thinking the party as a fledgling organization.

As a warning, the outfit planted a timer bomb, weighing nearly 2 kgs at front of Kolkata Hardware located at Thangal Bazar. The explosive was meant only as a scare tactic and did not contain splinters which could harm the public.

However, the information of the explosive was given to the police by early commuters and must be in police custody and it may be used later by the police for their own dubious means to show insurgent outfits in the wrong light.

The release further stated that, the price of essential commodities have skyrocketed, the public needs to address the issue and react strongly against the anti people policies of the traders.

Such neo liberalism affects the underprivileged section  and hits hard to the farmers, it mentioned that the outfit will not remain as mute spectators and will forge forward in its ‘new democratic revolution’ for the benefit of the public.

The Maoist appeals to the revolutionaries, intellectuals and the general public not to cater to the ideas and ideals of the ‘old movements’, but rather to encourage the new revolution propagated by the Maoist and stand firm against the price monopolization of the business community, it stated.


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