Davanzo calls for violence in the courtroom, slogans and applause


MILAN – “Long live the revolution, advance the revolution, this is a good time.” Said Alfredo Davanzo, one of the defendants in the appeal process against the so-called New Red Brigades, when asked by a reporter what he thought of the attack on Robert Adinolfi, CEO of Ansaldo Nuclear, kneecapped by anarchists in Genoa. Another defendant, Vincenzo Sisi, in his spontaneous statements in court, added: “Only with these weapons can subvert  power, I speak as a Communist worker who has taken up arms.” Sisi then announced: “We give up the defense,” explaining the withdrawal of the mandate as a defensive “political gesture”.

A third defendant, Claudio Latino, in turn, speaks of “violence inevitable and strategically necessary. We do not like violence, do not have the romantic taste for violence, but it is inevitable. No group of rulers in history has ever given up power peacefully.” Latin has also called on “all communist and workers’ vanguards to organize”, getting the applause of the group of young people in attendance. “Either communism or destruction” – Latino concluded, his voice breaking with emotion – Death to imperialism and freedom to the peoples.” A phrase that waswelcomed by young people in the front row with applause. Then some guys in the audience
took their coats and shirts in black and were drawn with a white shirt with red letters that made up the word “Solidarity”. Antagonists have also shouted “all free, free now” and raised a clenched fist, in front of the judges before they left the courtroom. The defendants responded by chanting the slogan: “unity of workers, organization, armed struggle for revolution.”

The words of Br Claudio Latino confirm the fears expressed this morning by Pierluigi Bersani in Genoa during a meeting with workers Ansaldo. “we are in the in the first steps of a new terrorist strategy in ways perhaps not yet proven, but dangerous,” warns the Secretary of the Democratic Party. “We must raise the guard – he adds – the country has already a lot of trouble and can not afford a resurgence of terror, violence and fear. Serves attention from all starting with the police but also by public “.


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