Rights group slams Sadiya encounter

NEW DELHI, May 15 – The killing of alleged Maoists activists in Sadiya has evoked sharp reactions from the human rights groups, with PUDF alleging that the four were killed in fake encounters.

PUDR is concerned at the alleged encounter killing by a joint team of Assam Police, CRPF and Indian Army in which four alleged armed cadres of the Upper Assam Leading Committee of CPI (Maoist) were killed on May 9 at Borgora-Deopani Nepali Gaon under the Saidya police station. “We are all the more concerned because PUDR members recently visited Saidya as part of a fact finding organised by Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisations,’ the NGO said.

The family members of the deceased and the residents of the area have claimed that the four youths were killed in a ‘fake encounter’. As per the news reports in the local media which referred to the testimonies of the villagers, this was nothing but a cold-blooded murder which was later staged as an ‘encounter’.

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