Assam plans elite commando force to counter Maoists

GUWAHATI: In the lines of grey hound of Andhra Pradesh, Assam is also planning to come up with elite commando force to counter the inroads of Maoist in the industrial belts of the state. Al least seven districts of the state is infested by Red rebels.

Assam chief minister, Tarun Gogoi on Monday said special police force will be raised to counter the Maoist. “This force will work to check the red ultras. On the other hand massive development works will be initiated in the Maoist infested areas.”

He added that idea is to nip in the bud the growth of Maoist. “If necessary the special force will be sent outside state for training. We can send them to Andhra Pradesh as it has scripted success in countering Maoist. The force will be trained in the guerrilla warfare.”

Gogoi added that after years of work Assam is returning to the path of peace. The government cannot allow Maoist to grow and vitiate the hard earned peace. “Left wing extremism is politically motivated and is different from other insurgent outfits.”

Four Maoist guerrillas were killed last week during an encounter with police in Upper Assam’s Tinsukia district.

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