Man Arrested for carrying detonators on link express

Raipur: The Government Railway Police (GRP) arrested a man along with a consignemtn of 700 detonators. The man was arrested in Katabhanji (Odisha), while one of his accomplices ran away in the ruckus that was created during the regular search operation. It is being believed that the detonators were meant for the Naxals.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning when Link Express reached Raipur. A regular patrolling team of GRP got suspicious of a bag kept under the seats of one of the compartment. The GRP personnel questioned the passengers regarding the whereabouts of the bag. The owner of the bag sensing trouble ran away. Before the police personnel could apprehend the gravity of the situation the culprit was out of the railway station. However, the police were able to arrest his companion travelling with him in the same compartment.

The contents of the bag caught the police off-guard. As soon as the news reached them they came to the station to investigate.

However the railway police superintendent maintained ignorance about the entire affairs.

The fact that the news of the recovery was not made public as late as Wednesday afternoon has left many questions unanswered. The manner in which the detonators were being transported reveals a completely different story.

The consignment was being brought from the Naxal affected district of Odisha. On being investigated the captured man revealed to GRP that he was taking the detonators to Bhattapar. There are no mines in or near Bhattapar. In such a situation his confession raises further suspicion. The way GRP hush-hush the entire event raise further doubts over the entire happenings.

The detonators, placed inside a carton, are usually meant in mining for explosives.

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