Demonstration in Naples against Equitalia, police charges

(AGI) Naples – Stones were thrown and the police charged the crowd a few times at a rally in Naples against Equitalia. The entrance to the tax collection agency’s headquarters on Corso Meridionale was blocked by three police vans. Employees continued to work working regularly and there were also probably members of the public in the building. Protesters set fire to some of rubbish bins, which they used to block the road and threw buckets of red paint, trying to get into office. At this point, police in riot gear pushed them and they withdrew.
Two explosions were also heard, possibly bangers or paper bombs. While the police were trying to make an opening for vehicular traffic, the protesters began throwing stones at them and made another new attempt to burst into the offices. At this point the police charged. Equitalia have lowered their shutters. (AGI) . .

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