Local Party Office of Ennahdha Burned in Thala

Yesterday, the office of Ennahdha, Tunisia’s dominant, center-right Islamist party, was burned in Thala, a city located in the northwestern governorate of Kasserine.
Ennahdha spokesman Nejib Gharbi stated that the party is not accusing any group or individual in connection with the incident.
“We condemn this act, but it is not our job to accuse anyone. We already sent a legal representative to Thala to assess the situation. The judicial system will decide who is responsible for this deed,” Gharbi explained.
According to Sami Youssef, a resident of Thala, the office was burned yesterday around noon. “Everyone knows the people responsible for this act,” he stated, though he was unwilling to provide any further details implicating those who destroyed the offices.
According to Gharbi, this is the first time since the elections that one of Ennahdha’s office has been burned.
The governorate of Kasserine was severely marginalized during the reign of former president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, and suffers from chronic poverty and an unemployment rate that surpassed 30% before the Tunisian revolution and has been rising ever since.

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