PLAs unite for fresh revolution

KAVRE: A secret training of the cadres loyal to the UCPN-Maoist Mohan Baidhya faction today held in Dhulikhel of Kavre and formed a dasta (group) of the ex-combatants who terminated their combatants’ life by receiving the golden handshake under the government’s voluntary retirement scheme.

A 17-member group led by former combatant Khadga Bahadur Shrestha has been formed by the dissatisfied lot. The group, which has been formed under the name of Rastriya Janaswa-yamsewak Nepal for Kavre would fight for the people’s security, development and against social evils.

Speaking at today’s training programme, Maoist Party standing committee member and National Volunteers’ Nepal Central In-charge Netra Bikram Chanda said the formation of the dasta was meant to complete the incomplete revolution.

Chanda further accused the party leadership of disarming the people’s liberation army and thus deceiving the party. “We have initiated an agitation to caution our leaders for peace and constitution. Now there is a need for new revolution. This group in military form will do the needful,” he said.

“As the party chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Vice-chairperson Baburam Bhattarai have relegated the party to nothingness, we have initiated the new revolution afresh,” reasoned Tamsaling State Committee Coordinator and central member Prakash Khanal.

More than Dahal, it was Madan Bhandari who was real revolutionary and patriotic as he was against the Mahakali Treaty. He had to lose his life, but Dahal and Baburam are the traitors as they have deceived the combatants,” he alleged.

Over 200 former combatants were present at today’s programme, where Chanda had trained the combatants regarding the future steps of the combatants if the people’s constitution fails to be promulgated by May 27.

Journalists who were invited to the training program-me were not allowed to attend it later and forced out of the hall.

Meanwhile, while the Baidhya faction was holding the training in Dhulikhel today, the establishment faction of the Maoist party also held similar programme in Bhakunde for the cadres of area no 8 and 9.

Speaking at the progra-mme, Tamsaling State Committee Co-incharge Bishwa-bhakta Dulal had accused the Baidhya faction of being status-quoists.

Further, clai-ming the ultimate aim of the revolution is still the seizure of the state power, he said though the form of the revolution has changed, its purpose has remained the same.

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